Thru the Appalachian (Section Hiker)


  • 5 Dry-Erase Player Mats
  • 8 Double Sided Objective Cards
  • 1 Official Rulebook in English or Japanese
  • 1 Button String Storage Envelope

In order play you will need to have the following components on hand:

6 Dice (preferably in the following colors: 2 Orange, 1 Blue, 1 Green, 1 Black, and 1 White)

Dry Erase Marker(s)

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This version of the game includes only printed materials. Players will need to supply their own markers and dice in order to play.

Thru the Appalachian is a roll & write game for 1-5+ players about thru-hiking the United States’ most famous trail. It can be a difficult but life-changing journey. How will you write your story?

Players will be competing to have the most enjoyable trek, gaining enjoyment points by completing sections of the trail, taking photos, logging journal entries, and collecting stamps, all while carefully managing their water and energy consumption.


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